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What Is The Ideal Home For (internet) Entrepreneurs?

Just like everywhere else in the world, the economy is affected by the consequences of the fuss around brexit, trade war, internet and artificial intelligence competence and political instability. And all of that is a little bit more blow up by the media, that create more unrest than giving an objective report in favor of the reader.

Is it wise for an (internet) entrepreneur to rent or buy a business space outside the home?

The internet medium has changed the working conditions, we see it for years that people work from home, nothing new, there is always a room left or a dining table in the living room to put down your computer where you can work from.

Fact is, both places distract, which influences the ambience, creativity, focus, impeded growth and ultimately the result.

Two In One To Keep The Costs Of Living Realistic

That is why houses with a extra space (35 - 80 m2) are so popular by entrepreneurs, where they have their own inspiring, spacious workspace, accessible through the home and through a separate business access, where 3 to 4 people can work, with a toilet and kitchen unit.

Less Rooms More Spaces

Unfortunately, there are not many (none) new construction projects that offer an integrated independent workspace at home. They are still extra rooms or a large garage, but times have changed, we all want more space, safety and spare time. What can be achieved by living and working more efficiently.

The Most Well-Known Work From Home Jobs:
Administration, doctor, dentist, dental prosthetician, insurance agent, lawyer, masseuse, cooking of takeaway meals, photographer, fashion art workshop, etc. …And growing.

The Most Popular Work From Home Jobs in 2020:
Virtual assistant, medical transcriptionist, translator, web developer, travel agent, freelance writer, social media manager and data entry …And growing.

Todays way of living life and trends should be taken more into account when designing new construction projects to forefill todays entrepeneurs desires 

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