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Climate Of Dubai

In Dubai the sun almost always shines, it rains seldom, and it is always warm. Warmly warm in the winter months, making Dubai an ideal winter sun destination, but extremely hot in the summer. Anyone who has ever been to Dubai in July or August knows how extremely hot it is at that moment. Not comparable to popular seaside resorts on the Mediterranean, but hotter and stuffy than you love. The only places where it can be kept is in places where air conditioning cools the room, in the sea or in the pool. Those who venture into the streets during the day will get wet from sweating very quickly. 

Dubai has a desert climate with warm dry winters and warmer and drier summers. The minimum temperature remains at a reasonably high level. In the summer months, the temperature hardly falls below 30 degrees.

Climate Of The Costa Del Sol

Costa del Sol literally means "Sun Coast", this name owes the region to the many hours of sunshine and the delicious Mediterranean climate. Sun-drenched summer days with temperatures averaging 30 degrees make the Costa del Sol one of the most pleasant sun destinations in Spain.

There is no snow on the Costa del Sol itself and frost is also a rarity. At a relatively small distance, in the Sierra Nevada mountain region, you can do winter sports during the winter months. If you are lucky, you can stand on skis in the morning in the spring and swim in the sea in the afternoon.

One must also look at the climate if one decides to buy a house

The golf course you see in the picture is Alcaidesa Links 

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